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Vermont Paintball FAQ2019-08-30T12:52:38+00:00
How do I make a reservation?2019-08-30T12:56:42+00:00

The best way to make a reservation is either by online right from here or by phone (9am – 6pm, 7 days a week). If you have any additional questions feel free to call. 802-878-2905

Does it hurt?2019-08-30T12:56:28+00:00

The paintballs are large (.68 cal). They slow down a lot in the first 30ft. If you don’t get to close to other players the impact is minimal. Gloves and heavy sweat shirts will help for those first time players.

What do I wear?2019-08-30T12:55:59+00:00

Dress for the weather and in layers. You will be in the woods some of the time, so long pants and long tee might be a good idea. Grass stains and dirt will do more damage to clothing then our paint. Paint will wash out if you wash the clothing within a couple days.

Does the weather affect reservations or play?2019-08-30T12:57:09+00:00

Paintball : The only time we cancel is for lightning, but your welcome to move to a rain date if your choose. Paintball in the rain can be fun and we have a large covered area for you to stage under.

Laser Tag : If you have a Laser Tag reservation and it is raining or it predicted to rain please give us a call and we will talk about it, then either make a rain date or choose to play depending on the severity of the weather.

What are Walk-ons?2019-08-30T12:54:35+00:00

Every weekend during the season we have a Referee for the walk-on group. Players without a reservation can just come any play with others in the walk-on game. We are always changing the teams as players come in and leave and by skill leavel. Its lots of fun.

Do you offer walk ins for Laser Tag?2019-08-30T12:54:01+00:00

Currently all Laser Tag is done by group reservations only.

Do I need a reservation?2019-08-30T12:53:34+00:00

If you have 8 or more players you should get a reservation (available¬†7¬†days a week). If you are less then 8 players, Walk-on (open play) is every Saturday and Sunday Noon to 5pm. (No reservations for walk-ons needed just show up and we’ll get you playing, paintball ONLY)

How does it work?2019-08-30T12:46:38+00:00

When your make a reservation we schedule you for a 3 hour block of time, for paintball (2 hours for Laser Tag unless requested for longer) with you own personal Referee that is like a tour guide for your group. They will give instructions on gear, safe play and monitor every game, helping everyone to enjoy their paintball or Laser Tag experience. We do NOT except reservations without at least a 24 hour notice.